World Salsa Solo 08/16

World Salsa Solo & Brisbane Latin Festival, Dec 2016

After qualifying at the NZ Salsa Solo in August a team of us went to the World Salsa Solo.

What a wonderful, growing experience it was and we received the following titles:
1st place :  Youth/Adult  salsa freestyle : Natasha Frost & Alex Bryan
2nd place:  Youth/Adult salsa freestyle : Holly Bayne & Michael Hobbs
3rd place :  Youth/Adult salsa freestyle :  Caitlin Quinn & David Brokenshire
​1st place :  Youth Latin Solo (Holly Bayne) 
2nd place : Youth Salsa Duet (Natasha Frost & Holly Bayne)
3rd place : Youth Latin Duet  (Caitlin Quinn & Natasha Frost)
2nd place : Youth Salsa Team (Caitlin Quinn, Holly Bayne & Natasha Frost)
3rd place ;  Masters Salsa Solo (Donna Frost)
2nd place ;  Masters Salsa Duet (Kathy Reese & Donna Frost)
3rd place :  Adult amateur Zouk Freesyle (Shannon Creighton & partner)
3rd place :  Adult Zouk Duet  (Shannon Creighton & Emily Woodfield

The Latin Fire Ladies Youth/Adult Team also performed at the Brisbane Latin Festival

And our hard workers Michael & David helped behind the scenes.

What a fun, inspirational, inclusive event.