Some schools are more like family

Today we received a wonderful post from Elli Torres from Latin Steps, Brisbane:


Again feeling reflective….

Over the past years I have been fortunate enough to travel a fair bit to NZ and spend some very valuable time with long-time friends/dancers.

One thing that always stands out to me is how some schools are more like families.

Latin Fire is exactly this !!!

Each person in the team supports the other. They dance together, they party together, they hang out together. It’s like they live for each other. It’s no wonder that success breathes through such strong dance families… and I mean success in a bigger sense than competition success.

Big hug to all of Latin Fire peeps for being such enthusiastic, supportive and accomplished competitors/performers/people.  I feel like you all participated in every possible aspect of this year’s BLDF event…. youth, adult, masters, teams, duets, couples, freestyle, choreography, competition, performance, support crew, volunteers.

You won trophies, medals, titles, places….. and you definitely won me over as an absolute lifelong fan.

Go Latin Fire!

You are such an inspirational school/family and you have such amazing fierce leaders Donna Frost and Warren Frost.

An especially big hug to those of you who I got to share some dancing time with this year :)
(Donna Frost, Warren Frost, Kathy Reese, Shannon Creighton, Catherine Smyth, Emily Rose Woodfield, Sam, Natasha, Holly, Caitlin, Michael Hobbs, David Brokenshire).