Salsa Ball 2019

Another fantastic, fun year of dance is now over!

Just a few highlights to look back on Daniel van Beyere our new Director, South Island Latin Champs, NZ Salsa Congress, Golden Latin Weekend, World Salsa Solos, growing classes & meeting new people!

Looking forward to 2020!!

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Special Childrens Christmas Party 2019

Special Children's Christmas Party We love performing at this gorgeous event each year! It brings together and entertains a group of children and their families who need some extra christmas spirit!
latin fire dance christchurch nz classes salsa bachata beginners performance

Salsa Ball 2019

Latin Fire co-organiser of Christmas Salsa Ball 2019 What a great ending to dance year with Daniel van Beyere joining as Director, placings and performances at South Island Latin Champs, Golden Weekend, NZ Salsa Congress, World Salsa Solos as well as growing classes and meeting new dance friends!...
July 2019 - Gallery

Photo Highlights July 2019

Some wonderful highlights from the studio over the past month. Needless to say it's been busy!