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Brisbane Salsa Solos

Fresh from competing at the NZLDC, the performance teams headed over to Brisbane to compete in the World Salsa Solo. Our competitors did amazingly well with every Latin Fire entry placing in their categories.

Full Results for Latin Fire Competitors:

- 1st Place - Natasha Frost - Amateur Salsa Solo

- 1st Place - Natasha Frost & Jorja Dann - Amateur Salsa Duet

- 1st Place - Natasha Frost & Jorja Dann - Amateur Latin Duet

- 1st Place - Latin Fire Latin Shine Team - Latin Shine Teams

- 3rd Place - Jorja Dann - Amateur Salsa Solo

We are so incredibly proud of our competitors and the effort they have put in to achieve these World titles. We will definatelly be back next year!

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