Latin Fire - Dance Revolution Showcase

Dance Troupe Action
Dance Troupe Action 2
Dance Troupe Action - Final Pose
Dance Troupe posed group photo
Flowers for Warren
Introducing the Hip Hop Kids
Hip Hop solo
Hip Hop team beginning
Kids Hip Hop team group photo
Kids Hip Hop - little ones having fun
Kids Hip Hop action pose
Kids Hip Hop - Sugar & Spice
Kids Jazz Hip Hop group
Salsa Dancer - Holly Hobbie
Salsa Dance Troupe group photo
Teen Hip Hop action dance shot
Teen Hip Hop jumping
Teen Hip Hop Action pose
New York style hip hop group final pose
Urban Hip Hop boys team
Teen Salsa Dance Team
Teen Salsa Dance Solo Pose
Teen Urban Hip Hop duo - with Natasha
Natasha Salsa Dance splits
Natasha Salsa Dance final pose
Teen Salsa Dance team group photo
Kids dance awards
Teen award winner & Donna
Kids dance classes group photo behind Donna & Warren

I would like to say a huge thank you to everyone for your involvement at the Latin Fire / Dance Revolution Showcase.

We had a wonderful evening and love all the fantastic feedback we received. 

Just a few of the highlights below of which there were sooo many!!!

A special thank you Daniel van Beyere for a lot of these photos from the evening.