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Hip Hop Class - Ilam

Youth Senior Jazz @ YMCA

'The Dance Revolution'

The classes at the YMCA are upstairs in Studio 2.

These dance classes in the city are with our highly experienced instructor. The moves are original, creative and easy to learn and will help make your dancing look powerful while at the same time complimenting the style and rhythm of the music ! Also a great way to exercise while having fun! Some dance experience is best!

She has a wealth of experience at teaching youth & loves to help them dance & perform at their best!

​Ages: 11-16 years 5:30-6:30pm

What will I learn?:

Students will learn the latest dance moves with a strong use of musicality, alongside a great exercise workout. They will be taught a dance set which they will build up to be a dance routine for a performance twice a year (or just keep it fun if they don't want to perform). This team just performed their latest Reggaetton routine at the South Island Salsa Competition and placed 1st in the Youth Latin section!

Hip hop is type of music and artistic culture that arose from the South Bronx urban region of New York in the 1970s.  It began with disc jockeys who created percussive beats using small portions of songs on two turntables.  This then grew into sampling snippets of music to form a background over which rap poetry was chanted in 16 bar frames.Latin Fire Hip Hop Teen Dance Class

From this music, a form of dance was born incorporating dance styles such as breaking, locking, popping, new style hip-hop and jazz-funk.

Neighbourhood hip-hop teams competed against each other for the best dance set / music combination, providing a artistic form of urban group expression.  The street hip-hop movements from the hip-hop culture where incorporated into choreographed pieces in hip-hop dance studios and dance classes where kids had fun learning freestyle hip-hop dance moves to music they recognised from the radio.  Through subsequent exposure on TV competition dance shows, gained an international following.

Latin Fire Hip hop winner of the outstanding dance awardBy the late 1980s a strong hip hop scene had developed in Auckland, Wellington and Christchurch with dozens of hip-hop bands and rappers performing, and kids started taking hip-hop classes after school. Through the 1990's, New Zealand hip hop music went from strength to strength with the added input of Pacific Island musicians, creating a variant kiwi style known as "Urban Pasifika"


Kids dance classes have become a hit with kids after school at Latin Fire Dance Academy 'Dance Revolution' for children as young as four years old and through to adult dance groups.  Christchurch kids have been enjoying the fun, group bonding, music and after school exercise that our dance classes provide.  Book online now to start enjoying hip-hop in your family.

DRESS: Children with long hair are to have their hair tied back. Please wear your Latin Fire t-shirt with leggings, shorts or tights

PERFORMANCES: We have 2 shows per year (Mid year & Christmas) plus various performance opportunities throughout the year!

PRACTICE: We encourage students to practice the moves they learn at class at home!

DRINK: Please bring a water bottle to classes.

DANCE FEES: Fees are to be paid at the beginning of the term to Latin Fire Dance Academy: ANZ 060807 0151248-00.

$110 (11-16 years)

VENUE: YMCA studio 2, 12 Hereford Street, Christchurch

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Prestige Dance Crew - NZ Hip Hop Nationals

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12 Hereford Street


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