Latin Dance Performance Team

Latin Dance Performance Team

It has been a long hard road, full of blood, sweat, bruises, and tears!

I wouldn't have made it out onto the stage without some amazing support.

My team mates from Latin Fire, especially Kathy Reese, Brenna Ogier, Mellinda Fitzgerald, Holly Hobbie, Nicola McCall, & Maeve Gresham.

Thanks to my flatmate Michael Hobbs for helping with my music and calling me moose!

Thanks to Donna Frost for your support and guidance.

Warren Frost thank you for kicking my arse when I wanted to throw in the towel.

And finally to my family, especially my husband for picking me up whenever I was down.

I love you all.

Shannon (Aug 2015)

We are a fun, dynamic and entertaining Latin Dance Troupe, who love to bring dance to the community. Choreographed routines can include ChaCha, Bachata, Salsa and sometimes a touch of hip hop but all definitely with the Latin flavour!! Anyone interested please contact Donna

Our Teams have performed at NZ Congress, NZ Golden Weekend, Sydney Latin Festival, Byron Bay Festival, DouDoule (Gold Coast) as well as Melbourne Latin Festival and many more local and NZ events!!

Our performances always stand out with our passion, style and the 'something different' we always like to bring!! 

Anyone interested in joining our team please contact us!

We Contribute to our Community!!

Latin Fire are proud to help our community by taking part in many charity events & offering Dance Scholarships to kids who can't afford classes but who have a great passion to learn Salsa Dancing!!

Latin Fire - Bachata Team - Latin Fire - Christchurch - New Zealand Salsa Congress 2017

Latin Fire Dance Studio, New Zealand perform Salsa Shine at Melbourne Latin Festival 2013

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Location of Studio(s)

Showbiz Christchurch

369 St Asaph Street, Christchurch


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