Ladies Shine Team @ Tuam St

Latin Fire Ladies Shine Team

Ladies Shine Team @ Tuam St

I wanna say a big huge thanks to Donna Frost for not giving up on me and to the whole latin fire family who gave me the encouragement and support I needed to walk the line tonight.

I had such a blast...... And learnt so much!!!

Brenna (Aug 2014)

We are a specialised Latin Dance Troupe, who love to perform for people.  This is a fun performance class for ladies from Improvers to advanced level who want to improve their dancing and shine on the stage. You can perform the routines or just learn them and use the class to help your partner dancing or for fun fitness to meet new friends. Choreographed routines can include ChaCha, Bachata, Salsa, Samba and sometimes a touch of hip hop but all definitely with the Latin flavour!! Anyone interested please contact Donna.

Our performances always stand out with our passion, style and the 'something different' we always like to bring!!

Below are our ladies team performing at the NZ Bachata Festival & South Island Salsa Competition!!

We Contribute to our Community!!

Latin Fire are proud to help our community by taking part in many charity events & offering Dance Scholarships to kids who can't afford classes but who have a great passion to learn Salsa Dancing!!

Latin Fire - Latin Shines Teams - South Island Salsa Comp 2015 - 720p

Latin Fire - Salsa Mix "Christchurch" *NZ Bachata Festival 2014* - 720p

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Location of Studio(s)

Brazilian Beatz

407 Tuam Street, Christchurch


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