Improvers Salsa @ Tuam Str

Brazilian Beatz Latin Fire Dance Studio - Improvers Class

Improvers Salsa @ Tuam Str

I'm enjoy having class here !! Definately a place to enjoy learning and family friendly .. !! :))

Celine (Sept 2015)

Learn to dance salsa in ChristchurchIn these salsa dance courses we further develop your Salsa with more complex and fun partner dancing turn patterns. 

You will go over the fundaments of single  turns adding different arm connections, 360 Collects, Copas & travels with some simple shine footwork to help make you a more accomplished, confident social dancer.

Ladies will learn arm styling that will have you shining on the dance floor and gentlemen you will learn more about leading, posture and footwork.

This dance class level will lead you into becoming a more confident all-round Salsa dancer and prepare you for the Intermediate/Advanced Salsa level classes.

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Location of Studio(s)

Brazilian Beatz

407 Tuam Street, Christchurch


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