Beginners Bachata

Beginners Bachata

Beginners Bachata

Bachata Tuesdays:

Improvers (Level 2 Bachata) 6:30-7:25pm 

Beginners (Level 1 Bachata) 7:30-8:25pm 

Our next beginner bachata starts Tuesday, 6th October, register now to book your palce in the 1st Free class.

You will be working on the fundamentals of this easy, fun to learn partner dance Bachata. Then we move quickly onto some great turn patterns to help you look fantastic on the dance floor. Bachata is easy to learn and you will quickly feel confident and want to learn more! Bachata is known for its smooth flowing, fun dance moves!

Bachata is a beautiful dance from the Dominican Republic in the Caribbean Islands. Both the music and the dance have been influenced by Cuban Bolero, The Merengue, Salsa and Cumbia. Bachata has grown and evolved over the years to keep it an awesome modern couple dance you will love!

We dance Bachata with 4 step timing (step 1,2,3, tap and 5,6,7, tap) so it is very easy and fun to learn to dance!

The class is taken by our very passionate & fun instructor Mike Hobbs. You will simply love it!

Check out our bachata performances & class moves below!

Latin Fire Bachata Team, Christchurch, New Zealand HD.mp4

Latin Fire Team - Christchurch - New Zealand World Latin Dance Cup 2016

48 Michael Hobbs and Setephanie Hampson AM – Latin Fire Salsa Latina Pro Am Latin Couples – NZS

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