Treza Tamala

Treza’s love and inspiration for dance began while watching music videos on MTV. She was a late bloomer who was never formally trained but who quickly showed she had a true talent and gift for dancing!!

In 2006 at the age of 18 Treza started Hip Hop at Zion Studios. By the end of her first year she was teaching classes and continued doing so for the next 4 years.

In 2006 Treza (along with her dance crew at the time) competed in many competitions, including Bounce, where the were placed 2nd.  She also joined the crew Genesis as one of their primary choreographers up until the team ended in 2009.

Treza loves attending dance events & competitions throughout the country. Dance for Treza means ‘passion, life, inspiration and family’.

We love the professionalism, creativity and dedication Treza brings to the teaching staff at Latin Fire/Dance Revolution. She is fantastic and inspirational to both kids & adults alike!!

You will love her classes!!