Salsa Dancing Kiwis in Melbourne for the Latin Festival

Melbourne Latin Festival

What a wonderful event to perform at but the hardest part was having our last performance with our gorgeous, dedicated dancer Kathy Reese. We will miss you hugely but so pleased you have found a new dance family in Dunedin.  Enjoy your new life with Dave and thank you so much for everything you...
Proud Father dancing with daughter

New Zealand & World Latin Dance Cup

Super proud of this group of dancers at the NZ/World Latin Dance Cup last weekend!!!! Lots of new titles for Latin Fire but more importantly lots of passion and love on stage :-)​

Latin Fire Community Events

Latin Fire love to help support the Community by dancing at local events where we can.  Our children and youth dance at the Linwood Youth Festival Experience LYFE and Childrens Day in the weekend!  Both were extremely hot days but they managed to keep a  smile on their faces even with the very hot...