Beginners Latin @ Tuam Str

Beginners Salsa Latin Dance Class at Tuam Street

Beginners Latin @ Tuam Str

Thank you Shannon and Richard, it would have been impossible without your teaching - 2nd Place Beginners at South Island Salsa Competition!

Kate (Oct 2015)

The next course for beginners at Latin Fire!!

  • 8 weeks Beginner Bachata or Salsa class on Monday, 6:15 - 7:15pm  (with Shannon & Richard). 
  • 8 weeks Beginner Salsa or Bachata class on Thursdays 6:00 - 7:00pm 

Term dates:

Monday beginner course dates:

Course 1 : 15th January -  5th March 2018 (Beginner Bachata)

Course 2 : 12 March - 30th April 2018 (Beginner Salsa)

Course 3: 7th May - 9th July 2018 (Beginner Bachata) *excludes Queens Birthday*

Thursday beginner course dates:

Course 1 : 1st February - 22nd March 2018 (Beginner Salsa)

Course 2 : 29th March - 17th May 2018 (Beginner Bachata)

Course 3 : 24th May 

Monday & Thursday beginner classes will give you a great understanding of 2 of the fun dances in Street Latin and you will already have skills you can take out onto the dance floor. 

From here you can work out which type of dance you would like to focus on, or you can continue on with both styles.

We teach you the beginnings of the awesome dance of Bachata. We dance Bachata with 4 step timing (stepping 1,2,3, tap and 5.6.7. tap), so it is very easy and another fun dance to learn! (Monday only)

We then move into the beginnings of wonderful Salsa with the 'quick, quick, slow' foot movement. In the beginner classes you learn the basic Linear Salsa footwork, turns & cross body lead - the building blocks of Salsa. (Monday & Thursday)

Once you've mastered the basics of Beginner Salsa you can move on to Level 2 (Improvers Salsa) where you further develop your skills. We will strengthen your leading, timing & following and start developing some great combinations of moves for dancing with partners so you can enjoy the social aspects of dance classes. 

Before you move onto your next level of Salsa dance class, you will learn cross body leads, right turns, left turns plus a few other moves. or you can move onto Bachata Open Level classes!

Check out our Salsa FAQ if you'd like to know more - some of our Social Salsa Dancing Etiquette info is relevant to our early classes as well the more advanced classes. This class is great for all ages!

This class is fun, easy, a great way to help your fitness & a fantastic way to meet new friends!! We have regular dance get togethers to help you get more practice and get to know your other dance class mates! 

Grab your free session right now and join our next Beginners Christchurch Latin Dance class! 

Latinfire 2013

Merengue Move with Latin Fire, Christchurch, New Zealand

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Brazilian Beatz

407 Tuam Street, Christchurch


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