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Salsa Performance Team and instructor training, Jaime Jesus Sydney Australia LDA

Workshops with Jaime Jesus, LDA, Sydney

Jaime Jesus from Latin Dance Australia came to Christchurch and worked with our team & instructors.  He answered questions, polished performance skills & updated our teaching structure. Then we all went social dancing with him over the weekend. What a fun, inspirational, creative time we...
Sydney Latin Festival, January 2015 - Latin Fire's Salsa Performance Dance Team

Latin Fire Performance Dance team at the Sydney Olympic Stadium

In June, 2014 at the NZ Salsa Congress, Latin Fire were selected to perform at the Sydney Latin Festival, January 2015. A team of six of our top dancers took on the International Stage alongside performers from around the world including Australia, New Zealand, USA, Brazil and Chile. The feedback...
Edwin and the ladies

2015 New Year Special!

$65 for 8 lessons (First class is Free) Beginner Merengue/Salsa class:   New course starts from Monday, 19th January from 6-7pm Beginner Bachata class:    New course starts from Thursday, 15th January from 8:30-9:30pm Use the links above to grab your free session, and start your New Years Special!