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Winner of the New Zealand Masters section of the NZ Salsa Solo in Christchurch

NZ Salsa Solo 2014 Competition Winners

This year's event was held on the 1ST & 2ND of August at 2 Woolston Club, Christchurch sporting 18 salsa dance divisions. This is an annual New Zealand Latin Dance event with Solos, Duets, Teams, Adults & Youths, and competitors from all over New Zealand. Warren Frost, an icon of NZ Salsa,...
Sydney Latin Festival representatives

Selected to Sydney Latin Festival

A salsa dancing duo from Mt Pleasant will take a team of 10 to Sydney to perform in front of thousands of dancers from all over the world at the Sydney Latin Festival. “It’s a huge festival in the world of salsa. There are workshops during the day and performances at night. We will be one of those...
We are moving to a new Studio on Tuam St starting July 7th, 2014

Studio moving to Tuam St - July 7th

On July 7th, we will be joining location with Impact Dance and Stage School in a move of our studio to 450 Tuam St where we will be sharing dance studio space.  The central location of the site, along with ample parking options, and great studio spaces for classes, will be an improvement for those...